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Filing Bankruptcy in Florida: Process, Rules & Requirements

Bankruptcy is an effective debt relief option for people dealing with substantial indebtedness. Although this procedure provides debtors with a fresh financial start, it is not uncommon for people not to know how to file for bankruptcy in Florida.  Large debt can be overwhelming, especially when you can no longer repay it. If you find yourself in this situation, bankruptcy …

Florida Repossession Laws: Car Repossession in Florida

Car loans are secured debts. This means that if you fall behind on your payments, your lender may take your vehicle away. If you are struggling to cover your auto loan debt balance, you may wonder what the repossession laws in Florida are and how they may affect you.   Therefore, in this article, you will find key information about how …

Florida Bankruptcy Exemptions: How Bankruptcy Protects Assets

When considering bankruptcy, many debtors wonder how this process will affect their property and what they can do to protect those assets. Florida bankruptcy exemptions are laws that protect you from losing your property to creditors.  There are many factors you should consider when filing for bankruptcy in Florida. One of them is ensuring that you and your assets are …

Statute of Limitations on Debt in Florida: Laws & Debts

When unable to repay their debts, many people wonder if those debts will expire after a certain amount of time. Florida statute of limitations on debt collection sets the time limit for creditors to start legal proceedings against debtors.  If you have burdensome debt, you must know your rights as a debtor, including the corresponding statute of limitations for each …

Florida Debt Collection Laws: Stop Collection Harassment

When falling behind on your payments and coping with the stress of mounting debt, creditors may become more than a mere nuisance. As your debts start accumulating, you may also have the added stress of dealing with debt collectors. Fortunately, Florida debt collection laws protect debtors from unfair and deceptive collection practices.  If a consumer has outstanding debt, a collection …

Credit Card Debt Florida: Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Credit card debt is one of the most common types of debt that can affect your financial situation. As your balance starts accumulating, you may be struggling to make your required payments while covering your living expenses. Credit card debt can be suffocating. Filing for bankruptcy can give you the debt relief you need to start over.  When having financial …

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