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First-Class Legal Representation for Orlando

Z. Hernandez Law’s goal is to provide underserved individuals and communities with high quality legal services and representation that you deserve. ZHL is a boutique firm built on a select group of high quality attorneys and legal staff. It is small, focused and concerned with ensuring that each client receives the time, attention and dedication that their legal matters require. 

If you are facing criminal charges or overwhelming debts and live in the Greater Orlando Area, then we might be able to help. We limit the number of cases we take to ensure that the clients we serve receive enough time and care to increase their odds of favorable outcome and make the process as simple as possible for them. To reserve your spot, please book an appointment as soon as possible. You and your legal matter should be treated with the respect and prudence, not just another case number. Call (407) 900-8490 or use our contact form to get started.

How We Help

Learn more about how our Z. Hernandez Law can help you.

File Bankruptcy

Z. Hernandez Law handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires liquidation of your non-exempt property which will be used to pay off your debts. An experienced attorney will help you determine the property exempt from liquidation. Chapter 13 bankruptcy does NOT require liquidation of your assets. Instead, you pay down your debts over a period of time while debts that you are not required to pay are discharged. Once you file for bankruptcy, your creditors will immediately stop pursuing debt collection until the discharge of your debts.

Fight Criminal Charges

Criminal charges can turn your life upside down, leaving your to face penalties for many years after a conviction. A conviction is likely to have a long-term impact in all aspects of your life. Z. Hernandez Law is equipped with the experience, tools, and resources necessary to mount a legal defense to protect your future.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected, provide a vigorous defense, and guide you through the complexity of the criminal justice system.

Why Work With

At Z. Hernandez Law, we believe that everyone deserves first-class legal representation. This includes the attention and commitment that your case deserves to do everything in our power to produce favorable outcomes and results for our clients.

Helping Good People In Hard Times

We all face challenges and difficult chapters throughout our lives. You might feel trapped after accumulating massive debts that become overwhelming and unserviceable. Other clients need help after being accused of a crime that may result in serious consequences. Z. Hernandez Law understands that none of us are perfect and that you deserve a second chance or a fresh start.

Focused Practitioner

Attorney Zarina Hernandez focuses solely on bankruptcy law for individuals and criminal defense. By providing legal services in a narrow set of practice areas, she is able to acquire a depth of knowledge in these fields of law and deliver a highly refined approach to each client’s case.

Quality Representation

Many law firms offer free consultations, low fees and take on a lot of cases to make the economics “work.” At ZHL, we limit the number of cases we take in order to commit the time that every client’s legal matter deserves. You deserve a lawyer that treats your case with the care it deserves.

A Voice for You

Our firm is focused on helping clients that need zealous legal counsel to speak up for them, protect their rights and look out for their best interests. At ZHL, you will be presented with the legal options available to you and will remain in control of the critical decisions of your case.