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Florida Debt Collection Laws: Stop Collection Harassment

When falling behind on your payments and coping with the stress of mounting debt, creditors may become more than a mere nuisance. As your debts start accumulating, you may also have the added stress of dealing with debt collectors. Fortunately, Florida debt collection laws protect debtors from unfair and deceptive collection practices.  If a consumer has outstanding debt, a collection …

Florida Misdemeanors: Degrees & Penalties

A misdemeanor in Florida is considered a minor crime. But, even if they do not rise to the level of a felony, the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction can be severe and far-reaching. Having zealous legal representation may help you avoid the harsh effects of a conviction.  Researchers estimate that 80% of nationwide arrests are misdemeanors. Assuming that a misdemeanor …

Statute of Limitations on Debt in Florida: Laws & Debts

When unable to repay their debts, many people wonder if those debts will expire after a certain amount of time. Florida statute of limitations on debt collection sets the time limit for creditors to start legal proceedings against debtors.  If you have burdensome debt, you must know your rights as a debtor, including the corresponding statute of limitations for each …

Florida Domestic Violence Laws: Definitions & Penalties

Domestic violence in Florida is considered a dangerous crime. If a family dispute gets out of control and you are arrested for DV, you may face mandatory minimum imprisonment, and probation, among other severe consequences. An Orlando domestic violence attorney can help you fight your charges.  In 2020, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement published that there were 106,515 reports …

Battery Charges in Florida: Laws & Penalties for Battery

Many Floridians relate battery charges with physical altercations. But even though they may not seem as severe as other criminal offenses, a conviction for these charges can result in losing your freedom, among other consequences. A battery lawyer serving Orlando can provide you with experienced legal counsel.  A simple battery charge can severely affect your life if you are unfamiliar …

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